Out of Firefox: I can't change from A4-landscape back to A4-Portrait - thisw causes PDFCreator to cr

1st Bug:It causes a crash of PDFCreator 'within the window of Firefox that is to be printed! Hereafter I have to close Firefox and restart it, and if I close Firefox (desktop window) it still keeps on running, so that I have to kill it by using Window's Taskmanager

2nd Bug: The page formate landscape cannot be changed back to portrait nor to anything else like landscape upside down, it starts now allways with landscape.

I am using Firefox 3.6.15 on Win 7 64Bit.
I once opend the Options menu of PDFCreator to change from portrait to landscape due to a toooooo broad web page. It was printed ok!
But Now I can't switch back to portrait page formate. Just try yourself:

Call this (or any articel for www.faz.net) move to Artikel-Service => (select) Drucken. An additional article-text-window and the Printer-Window will open.
Open on the options (Eigenschaften) right to the selcted PDFCreator and try to switch from Querformat (landscape) to Hochformat (portrait) by selcting Hochformat and confirm with OK. (It requests, that you have defined landsacpe before that!). Now again click on OK (=go and print) - nothing happens.

Now retry the same. Click away he article window and try another =>Article-Services=>Drucken, try to open the options (nothing), if you print sometimes it'll be printed in landscape, sometimes nothing happened.

If you close firefox now,
-   the appl.-window is closed - ok,
-   it disappears in Window's TaskManager from the first applications tab - ok,
#  but still remains in the second processes tab.
    Unless I killed it there mayself, I can't restart firefox.

How can I switch back to portrait-print-outs out of firefox??

TThanks in advance,