Output Filename 1.7.3 vs 3.2.2

I have been using PDFcreator version 1.7.3 for years. All the documents on my website were created with it. Version 1.7.3 is no longer working for me after I had to reinstall it. (something about a roxio business edition failing)

Here is the issue: If the Input file name is testfile.lwp

Then, with PDFcreator version 1.7.3 the output file name defaults to testfile.pdf
It ignores the original file name suffix.

With higher versions of PDFcreator the default output file name is testfile.lwp.pdf
It includes the file name suffix.

I want to make a profile for PDF Creator that will give me each output filename as testfile.pdf , same as 1.7.3.
I have not been able to find how to create a profile for version 3.2.2 that will give me the old output format as from 1.7.3.
My only other option is to rename all the files in my website and rename all my html pages to point to the new file names.
Any help would be appreciated.


the title replacements are now part of the application settings:

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Many thanks. Your directions fixed everything.
I am now running successfully on version 3.3.2.

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