OverFlow Error when converting JPG to PDF

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask for your help. When converting JPG to PDF i got the following Error:

Error-Nr: 6 (Overflow)
Modul: modImage2PS
Procedure: ConvertJPEGImage
Line: 50410
Date/Time: 03-06-2017 / 14:15:03

Line 50410 refers to function:

50410 fLen = GetFileLength(sourceFileName)

Did anyone get similar error? Thanks for answers!

Is this happening with every jpg you try to convert? Also, which version of PDFCreator are you using?

Best regards

The thing is that I am using such conversion from an ERP system while trying to open an attachment (jpg). Problem exists only for one person (others can convert it without any problem). We use PDF Creator 1.72.

Is there a possibility that such person might not have a full access to the file he is trying to open? I mean function GetFileLength is trying to save some components of the file:

FilterIndex = SaveFileDialog(filename, Defaultfilename, _
Filter, tStr, InitPath, LanguageStrings.SaveOpenSaveTitle, _
OFN_OVERWRITEPROMPT, OwnerForm.hwnd, FilterIndex)

but wouldn’t error be different then? Other than OverFlow? Or is it stricly connected to the wrong name?