Pages assemble out of order

 I am having a problem with pages gettitng out of order when merging print jobs into a single PDF.

The software doing the printing is iTeva by Thermo.  This is controller software for an analytical instrument.  The instrument is printing all of the samples that were analyzed on a given day, and each sample is a seperate document of about 3 pages.  We have PDF creator set to not process the docuemnts immediately, so we can caqpture all of the print outs.  Each document shows up with the same name in the pdf creator list, but I am pretty confident that the order is correct in the list, befoer we merge them.

If I try to make a pdf of each document, they come out in the correct order, but one at a time, and a day's run can be over a 100 samples, and it is too daunting a task  to sit there entering file names for each one just so they can be merged back together.  When only 10 documents or more or merged together, no problem is seen.  When 12 are merged the 12th page shows up after the first.  When merging more files, the order becomes unpredictable.

The instrument is running XP SP2, and we have tried 3 different version of pdf Creator (0.95, 1.01, and 1.31)  all with the same results.  At one time, this was not a problem, but started happening later.  Though I am told that no changes were made to the PC before the problem started.

When we print to a standard printer, the order is correct there as well.  When we print to the Microsoft XPS document writer, they come out in the correct order there as well, but again each one is an indivual file,a nd the XPS format is compatiable with the needs of these reports.

I have looked for any settings to control this in PDF creator but I can't find any.

Any help will be much appreciated.





 If it helps I have found that changing the spooling setting on the PDF creator printer does affect the ordering, but nothing I tried will fix it.


do you know if they appear in the right order in the PDFCreator spooler? During our tests, combining documents always was possible without problems and in the correct order.

If the printing application prints them in too high frequency, this could affect the order. Can you tell the application to wait for a short period between the print jobs?

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