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I am using a program that always wants to select a paper tray after selecting a printer. If I select a normal printer, everything works fine, but when I select the PDFCreator printer, I get an error that the tray information from the printer could not be loaded.

Is it possible to add a paper tray to the PDF printer?

I would also be very interested in this feature as I have a piece of older software that won’t work without it.


this is not generally planned, but perhaps this could be a work around:

Copy .ppd file for the PDFCreator printer (C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\x64\3\PDFCREAT.PPD ), modify it to have a paper source (this is the tricky part which might require some additional research).
Then Uninstall PDFCreator, reboot your machine and run the setup again with the parameter /PPDFile= (pointing to the modified .ppd file)

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I followed the above directions with the following added to my PDFCREAT.PPD file and it worked perfectly.  Thank You!

*% == Paper Trays =============================================================
*InputSlot 1Tray/Tray 1: “<</MediaPosition 0>> setpagedevice”

Hi there, I am trying to add a tray by using the above procedure but the command line parameter /PPDFile= is not doing anything. My edited PDFCREAT.PPD is not being put in C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\x64\3\ directory.

Can anyone help please as I am probably interested in the business version of the product?


have you tried directly replacing the .ppd and rebooting? I am not sure if this works, but it seems it could do the trick. If you can't replace the file because it is in use, you probably need to stop the spooler by running the command net stop spooler with admin rights (start it again with net start spooler afterwards)

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Robin thankyou!!!!, stupidly I had replaced the file but not rebooted!! tray now shows and windows can see tray 1 and print to it. However the leagacy app can see tray 1 but not print to it!

Maybe I haven't got the ppd edit correct?

*% == Paper Trays =============================================================

*InputSlot Tray1/Tray 1: ""

I am afraid I don't know much about ppd in general, but did you try adding

as suggested by iwalkbarefoot?
Perhaps this is somehow required in order to work properly.

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Hi Robin, I have tried both entries and neither wok. However I am now being told the legacy app cannot print to Postscript so I don't think this is going to work?

PCL printers only grrr


it might be worth to have a look at GhostPCL , perhaps it can be utilized to create a solution.
PDFCreator can only handle Postscript or PDF input.

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I added these three lines at the end to PDFCREAT.PPD, just before the comment '*%end of PDFCreator PPD File', to obtain two trays:

*% == Paper Trays =============================================================
*InputSlot Tray1/Tray 1: "<</MediaPosition 0 /TraySwitch false>> setpagedevice"
*InputSlot Tray2/Tray 2: "<</MediaPosition 1 /TraySwitch false>> setpagedevice"

Tray numbers will then be 257 respectively 258. /Mediaposition tells which slot in the 'Printer' it is, /TraySwitch false tells not to switch trays when a tray runs out of paper. 'Tray 1' and 'Tray 2' are the visible Tray names in the bin selection popup menu. The meaning of 'Tray1' and 'Tray2' could not be found by me (perhaps it should be just '1' and '2')

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