PDF/A (25999) error


I'm using the free version of PDFCreator 3.51.
The following error occurs, when I try to create PDF/A from ArchiCad 9.


"An error occuerd:
An error occuerd during the encrypting of the document (25999)"

It happens only by PDF/A. I can create a simple PDF file whitout any problem.

Hi @SPeter

The PDF/A standard does not support encryption.
If you'd like to encrypt your PDFs you'd need to use regular PDFs.

Find more information about the supported document formats here: https://docs.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator/latest/en/pdfcreator/pdfcreator-settings/profile-settings/convert/

Hi there!

Thanks for your answer.

I'm using PDF Creator for longer time, and never had this problem before. I don't want to encrypt the document, only updated the version to 3.5.1.

The settings are

I had to switch to another application till the problem is solved, because my work requires the PDF/A format, but I prefer PDF Creator. I'm using Win 10 Pro if it matters.


Could you please see if the registry entry for your default profile looks similar to this?