PDF/a File Size

thanks in advance
i just upgrade my pdf creator from 2.1 to 2.2 version
my surprise is that the pdf/a generated files are larger the ones in previous version. a one page file in version 2.1 as 100kB file size is now in version 2.2 greater then 500kB

its a problem for me because i have to upload the files and i have the limitation of 500kB/page 

i don’t know if you can help me 
i just downgrade my version so i can continue sending those files


we will have a look at this, but this is probably caused by the change of the Ghostscript version, we reverted back to Ghostscript 9.14 for PDFCreator 2.2 as the other versions had major problems. Did you try modifiying the compression settings in version 2.2 to get smaller file sizes?

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I'm still trying to find where is the problem and still no solution

i just tried 3 version of PdfCreator and the results are this ones

in summary

original File 412kB
ver 2.1.2 215kB
ver 2.2.2 693kB
ver 2.3.0 693kB

thanks again


I have the same problem. I still use PDFCreator 1.7.3 with GPL Ghostscript 9.10 because the file sizes of the pdf/a I create is around 20 kb. When using the newest PDFCreator version 2.3 the files sizes of the same pdf/a is around 500 kb, nearly 30 times the size. Is there anyway to lower the filesize or to use an other Ghostscript version with the newest PDFCreator?


currenty the only thing which might drastically reduce the file size is setting the color model to greyscale if color isn’t needed. After looking at the problem some more it seems like it is something we need to fix from our end.
We will try to improve this in one of the next updates.

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with the new 2.4 version problem solved

thanks for your atention about this subject