PDF Arch 7 not fully closing out

I have PDF Architect 7 installed on multiple PCs and they are all exhibiting the same problem. If we open a PDF in Architect, then close it (either just the PDF or the entire architect program) the PC thinks the file is still opened. This prevents me from saving overtop the same PDF.
For example. I have a Word document I PDF. After creating the PDF it opens in Architect. I notice an error. Close architect and go back to Word to edit the document. Try to save the document again as a PDF and it won't let me. I get a windows notice that the file is still open. But architect is closed.
When I go into task manager I see there are still live PDF Architect background processes. Unless I kill them off I can't edit the PDF again. This is very annoying, problematic, and time consuming behavior. Please help.


you can most likely get rid of this by disabling the "fast start / hibernate" option:

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Disabling the Hibernate does seem to fix the lock on the file problem. Although there still remains residual background PDF Architect processes even when the application is closed.