PDF Architect 4.1 doesn't close its last file

I was using PDF Architect 4.1 to convert some files to PDF/A. Maybe I closed the program with a file still open, because Win 10 File Explorer won’t let me rename that file. It tells me that the file is still open in PDF Architect.

This may be a bug.
I restarted PDF Architect. There was no open file. I closed PDF Architect, and I still couldn’t rename the file.
I restarted my laptop, and then I could rename the file.


there seems to be a problem with this sometimes and it looks like it is either related to the preview functionality or the " hibernate on close for quick launch" option, but in both cases we haven’t been able to reproduce the problem on a test system. So I think you are right and there is probably a bug here somewhere, our developers will have a look at it.

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