PDF Architect 4 - can't add module

I have a number of PDF Architect 4 modules.

I need to add some page #s to a document. But if I try to ‘active’ the insert module, it takes me to some dumb page to buy PDF Architect 6.

I don’t want PDF Architect 6.

I purchased PDF Architect 4 with the representation made by your company that I would be able to purchase additional modules when I wanted them. There was no indication that there would be some time limit on this or I would be forced to upgrade for some crazy price.

■■■ is going on here?

Hello @irritated

There is no time limit on the PDF Architect 4 modules you have purchased and nobody is forced to upgrade.

I have just tested it out myself (activating the Insert module on a PDF Architect 4 Free installation) and it does not refer me anywhere to buy PDF Architect 6. You could try to “Repair” the application via Control Panel and then try to activate again.

If everything fails, please contact PDF Architect Support to get your system or license key(s) checked.

Kind regards