PDF Architect 5 - Create From Scanner - WIA CannonScan 8600F - Papersize won't change

  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • CanoScan 8600F with 2013 driver set
  • LAN accessible Brother with both TWAIN and WIA
  • Local (USB) CanoScan is setup with WIA

Cano Scan works with Paperport 14 or directly with CanoScan software

Start program, navigate and select WIA CanoScan.
I can’t change from A4.
Default in program options is Letter.
If I change from Letter to Letter Small and back then
I can scan - but I still end up with about 1/4 of the page I want.
I have to go to the local drivers.

Troubleshooting is further degraded because:

  1. PDF Architect starts architect.exe Process and
  2. At least 5 services, none of which I can shut down unless I reboot the computer.

Please advise.