PDF Architect 6 to MSI

Hello, is there a way I can get PDF Creator 6 MSI Package. I need to distribute across workstations.

I guess you mean PDF Architect 6?
Here are some helpful articles:

PDFCreator is on version 3.3. currently.

PDF Architect 6 comes in an EXE file.

Whenever you in the process of installation it download additional package

I want those files already download in an MSI package.

As in the full installation package for PDF Architect 6

so i can push out thought AEM and sort

You download find the msi package in the first link in my previous post or here: http://download.pdfforge.org/go/pdfarchitect6/business/pdfarchitect6-gpo.zip


I was able to package the list that i want with the commands line. everything is working now as my needs

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