Pdf architect 7 is really slow and issues with hibernation mode

I recently switched some of our staff from Adobe acrobat DC to Pdf Architect 7.

Some issues I see:

  1. Pdf forge takes 5x longer to open pdf files, we have workflows that require creating 100's of pdf files per day and reviewing them and this is making that simple task take MUCH longer.

  2. The hibernate function (that should speed up the program opening) locks files until a restart or manual task kill. So after the user completes an edit and wants to move or delete the file they are greeted with a "this file is in use".
    So now I have to disable the hibernate function which makes opening pdf files even slower than it already was :frowning:

  3. Pdf file size can become absolutely massive from small edits, just deleting one character in a file and saving it again can lead to the file size doubling sometimes.

I have found the same issues. Disappointed you did not receive a reply from the creators.

Recent update to the software has made it EVEN SLOWER. If this does not improve I will be switching once my subscription runs out.