PDF Architect 7 not installing

I purchased ver 7 about an hour ago and not able to install at all. I have ver 5 but I have now uninstalled this as I thought it may have been causing the error. but still not possible. I downloaded the installer from the invoice link and also from the website link after completing the purchase. Each time I receive the following message. "PDF Architect installation process was interrupted. Signature is invalid". I have sent message to live chat, to help, and contact us and no one is around to help.


sorry for the trouble.
The PDF Architect Support is located in Canada where it currently is 6am, so it might take a few more hours until you get a response from them.
Since I am part of the PDFCreator Team, I can only offer limited support on this issue.
I downloaded and ran the installer from https://download.pdfforge.org/download/pdfarchitect7/PDFArchitect-stable without any errors, have you checked that nothing on your end is interfering with the download?

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Thank you so much Robin, this worked and as soon as I logged onto the account it switched me to the purchased version. huge thanks

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Glad I was able to help.