PDF Architect Forms NEW USER - multiple questions

Is there no way to select more than one box/item and change properties for those items all at once?  If you decide to change the font for the entire form, it could take a great deal of time!

Are there no “pre-built” form questions like address, phone number, email, etc.?

My email button will not work on my form after setting it up and then opening the form in adobe reader (which is what most users will use to fill out the form).  What could I be doing wrong?

What is the difference between “submit” and “email”?

Can the user save their form once completed?  I was told by support that they could, but whenever I open the form in adobe reader, it tells me that it cannot be saved and that I must print it if I want a copy.




there are pre built forms which you can access from the “create” module->create from template.
The other questions are a bit harder to aswer, I will need to verify the potential problem(and ask our developers).
What happens after you press the email button, are there any error messages? Which email client do you use?



The email button is blocked by security settings of Adobe Reader, which we unfortunately can’t really do anything about. The submit button is there to transfer the form data via http instead of email, which should work (works here). I tested saving the form data and it wasn’t a problem, might be related to some setting in adobe reader. Did you try to save in place or as copy?