PDF architect hatch render problem

I am an architect and use Archicad for my drawings. I noticed some strange problems with my hatches in exported PDFs. I thought the problem was with Archicad, but I opened the PDF in google chrome and everything was fine..
PDF hatch PDF arch problem

I cannot upload the PDF here unfortunately, forum only accepts image files..
I hope this can be solved. I bought some modules, but if the hatches don't render correctly, PDF architect is pretty useless for an architect...

thanks for helping out!

For clarity: first image is PDF architect, second is the same PDF opened in chrome…

Hi Patrick,

thank you for the feedback.I agree this is a big issue. Do you know if the hatches are above/below areas which contain transparency?
Another user has reported a similar issue where drawings/lines are missing in certain areas of his document and I have the slight suspicion this might be caused by transparent elements. If you’d like to send us the PDF (support(at)pdfforge.org), we will happily look at it.

Best regards


Hi Robin, I’ve sent it over.

In the meantime, I’ve now discovered the hatch doesn’t print, the wall is just blank.
So there is both a display and a print problem at work here…