PDF Architect in a corporate environment

We are looking to deploy PDF Architect in a corporate environment. What seems to be missing is the ability to centrally manage settings on the product, for example forcing protection on documents and digital signatures.

With regards to digital signatures there does not seem to be a way to have a central signature store, or use trusted signatures. This could be a nightmare to manage across a corporate environment.

PDF Creator, server, looks as if it can fulfil some of this functionality, but there is the issue there with size of the PDF documents created which are massive compared with the same document produced by architect.

Are the above achievable ?




did you test PDFCreator server or is it just an assumption based on the file size of PDFs created by PDFCreator? I mainly ask this because we reverted to Ghostscript 9.10 for PDFCreator server and it might produce smaller files than gs 9.14 or 9.16. Did you turn down the default DPI in the PDFCreator printer? By default it is set to 600 DPI, which produces high quality but also large file sizes. Using the resampling under profile settings->PDF->compression will also reduce the file size. We are working on improved signature management for PDF Architect but it is impossible to tell when this will be available in the form you need.
Currently the best solution is probably using the PDFCreator server with settings optimized for small file sizes.

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