PDF Architect is a massive scam

Try cancelling. I dare you. They will continue charging your card until you call your bank and report the card stolen and they issue a new one. I have proof. Emails with "support." Empty promises. And statements showing that they continue charging your card.

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I agree. I have not been able to register my paid for license. Instead I keep getting new copies yet none are registerable. I have been in contact with their "support" for months now and the problem has not been resolved!!!

JJ Hayden

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yeah I installed the product for 4 minutes to test it, and uninstalled it right away and its still popping up notifications that I never even approved and have disabled for ALL products so I would have to definitedly agree.

not only that their support form is broken and they dont offer phone support.

i consider it malware and am about to report it as such to my malware program.

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Hi all,

This is the correct support form:

In case you want to uninstall it from your PC, simply use this tool:

Best regards

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Can I add my support to this. Last year I contacted their Chat line and was advised that my Account would be cancelled this year. Again I was charged. I have written to support and cannot get a response. Please help?

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