PDF Architect keeps file handles open while in "Hibernate on Close for fast Launch"

When “Hibernate on Close for fast Launch” is activated, PDF files that have been edited and then closed by the user still have active file handles open in the hibernated PDF Architect processes.

Do not tell us to turn off the “Hibernate on close for fast launch” or “Close the PDF Architect processes in Task Manager”


this should already be fixed; which version of PDF Architect do you currently have installed?
I wasn’t able to reproduce this problem in version 4.1.05.

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I’m using

With “Hibernate on close” set on.
I find the problem after opening a PDF then extracting a page to another PDF file then closing all visible copies of PDFArchitect by clicking and clicking .

Task Manager shows 3 processes - 2 “PDF Architect” Processes and 1 service “PDF Architect” process.

I then try to move it with windows explorer or the Move cmd in “dos”.

It says it’s “The action can’t be completed because the folder or a file in it is open by another program”.

When I KILL the 3 processes it proceeds correctly.

Using Windows 10 Anniversary edition.

There is another possibility here.

I’m using Carbonite to backup my system.

It may be serendipitous that the copy completes when I close the processes. Because the Carbonite backup is finished backing the newly created PDF by that time.

Will test by stopping the Carbonite application. I’ll notify you if the problem still exists.