PDF Architect License info

I'm interested to deploy PDF Architect in my company as different choice from Adobe Acrobat.
Some installations as "Professional" version, some other using only free features (like merge files)

Your site is not very clear about licensing policy.

My questions are:

- Is there a way to have a single license code for multiple installation?

- Is the "free version" usable for commercial use, or i have to purchase a license also for free installations?




for the first question, yes: http://www.pdfarchitect.org/support/how-do-i-deploy-pdf-architect-large-number-machines

the free version is usable for commercial use.

Best contact our sales team (link on the bottom of the FAQ entry linked above) directly for any additional information needed.




With the suggested procedure is impossible to deploy PDF Architect with the same Product Key (Create Module only).
Seems to be mandatory to register every installation using a different Product Key, provided by submitting everytime a different e-mail address..

Is there a way to have a single Product Key?