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Is it possible to “print” a file in format A0 ?
Sorry if it was already asked…

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yes this should work, the driver supports A0.

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Ok, but I cannot find this format in the list of “paper size”… An idea how to find it ?


For me it was listed as available format in the properties of the virtual PDF Architect printer, where did you look for it?
Do you have PDF Architect 5.x, or do you have a different version?


I have pdf architect 64bits…
When I want to “print” a pdf , I select the “pdf architect printer” and in the properties, there are a lot of format of “paper”, but I cannot find A1 nor A0 (there is A4, A3, A2,…)…



did you check the entire list? For me the sorting was incorrect, A0 was pretty far at the bottom and not directly above A2/A3/A4 as one would expect. .
You have the lastest version, which is the same I tested.

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Hi, the A1 and A0 options are not available… please fix that! thank you



do you have PDF Architect 5? Did you check in the PDF Architect 5 printer properties? Both formats are available on my machine.

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Hello Robin
Yes I have PDF Architect 5 (full version in french) and no, I have not these formats in the properties…
Is it possible to get maybe a new *.exe file to re install the soft ?



you can download the latest setup from here:
Perhaps there are some additional conditions for the formats to be available, are the A0 and A1 formats available for other virtual printers on your machine? Do you have PDFCreator installed on the machine?

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Hello Robin
I have other printers installed on my computer and one (HP T 790) is available to print in A0, A1,… and no problems to select these formats
I’ve re installed with the file you just send the link, and nothing has changed… No format A0 - A1 available

I’ve also installed PDF Creator from PDF Forge, and the formats are available (A0 & A1)



Sorry Robin…
with the last installation file, the formats has appeared… Thanks for your help


Very good, I am happy to hear it worked out in the end :slight_smile:


Hi Robin.
I have the same problem as the guys above and I’ve reinstalled the software several times and also now with the file you shared in this thread and I still have the same problem. The sizes are ordered randomly but I can’t find either A1 or A0.
Colleges of mine have the old version (PDF Architect 4.x) and for them it works fine. The paper sizes are also very neatly ordered on their machines.

Thankful for help!


Hi Robin,

I also encountered the same problem as above. My first installation was alright - A0 and A1 are available. However, when I installed the latest version to another 2 computers, both sizes are nowhere to be found. A screenshot is attached for your reference.

Any help is much appreciated!



thanks for sharing the screenshot, however I must admit I currently still don’t know what could be causing this, I think the formats are usually configured in the printer driver, but if it works on 1 machine but not on others, it must either be a shared driver or related to additional settings. I assume you installed the same version on all machines?

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Hi Robin,

Yes, I used the same installer to install on all machines. The only difference is time - the working machine has PDF Architect 5 installed in Feb 2018, while the other machines installed recently in March 2018.

I have attached a screenshot taken from the working machine. Not only the required sizes (A0, A1) are available, there are also much more choices given in terms of paper sizes.

If there are any additional settings that are needed to make the paper sizes appear, please let me know.

Thank you!



Hi, I`m planning to buy 5 copy's of architect pro 7.
And my mail print format i A1.
After installing Architect 7 I could not find either A1 or A0.
Is there an option to create a custom paper size?