PDF Architect Professional forcing to purchase new version when just purchase previous vs in January

I purchased the annual plan for PDF Architect Professional 6 and OCD three (3) months. To use the OCD, it is directing me to purchase the newer version, PDF Architect Professional 7.
Why are they doing this when the purchased version should still be good for the at lease one year until I renew. Otherwise, they can change the version any many times and force users to purchase each time before the license expires.
I'm not getting response from PDF Architect.

Hi KTachi,

sorry for the trouble.
If you purchased the annual plan, you can update for PDF Architect 7 for free and there won't be any need for addition0la purchases. If there is an issue with the in-app update (e.g. as you describe, taking you to the store instead of the download), please uninstall PDF Architect 6 and then install PDF Architect 7 from this link and login to your account there.

Best regards