PDF Architect Standard - Cannot Insert

I bought PDF Architect Edit but could not insert pages into a document. I was prompted to buy PDF Architect Standard which I did, installed the different modules, still cannot Insert pages. When I try to Activate, I end up on the Buy page.

Hi @Mogie,

I guess you're using PDF Architect 6, correct?
First things first: The insert feature is not included in the Edit license. The Standard Package is the correct license.
Kindly see if you're able to activate your Standard license this way: https://support.pdfarchitect.org/customer/en/portal/articles/2936787-how-to-activate-pdf-architect-

If that's working, contact our PDF Architect support team and ask them to refund your edit module: https://support.pdfarchitect.org/customer/portal/emails/new

I purchased PDF Architect 6 STandard version, perpetual license.

I am unable to either insert or edit. I believe the pdf I am attempting to redline is a scanned pdf. At this point, all I wish to do is insert text into/on the pdf. However, clicking 'edit' then clicking on the pdf, I get a message saying 'Insert module is not installed'. on the purchase page, Standard states clearly that it contains the ability to both edit and insert.

At this moment, my goal is simply to redline a pdf (which appears to be a scan) simply writing text 'on' the pdf is fine with me. However, I am concerned that all the stated modules that are purported to be included in the Standard version are not in my download.

I have an account, and the purchase version is stamped to this specific computer.