PDF Architect & Windows 10

Have updated from win 7 home to win 10 home.
Now I cant open pages from websites that I "print" to a folder using PDF Architect 3.
Get message- error: An error occurred: Failed to open document.
If I save the same page to "print" using PDF Creator it works  fine, can even open that page with PDF Arch 3.
File saved using PDF Arch 3 also wont open with Adobe Reader X1.

Do we have a compatibility problem with win 10.??


do you have the latest version (3.0.13)?
Does this happen for every website or only for some?

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Yes to every website. But only since update to windows 10
Have version
Click on update and I get the message "There is nothing to update"

I have a similar problem since upgrading to Windows 10.  I can get the PDF Architect 4 free program to work but every time I reboot my computer, it will not work when I restart windows. Robin, please help.

Is this problem happening with PDF Architect on a clean install of Windows 10? I had a headache generally with software and drivers when I updated to Win 10 by installing over Win 7 to try keeping my Win 7 settings etc. I ended backing-up, formatting, and doing a clean install of Windows 10 (you need your product key) and I haven’t had issues since. I’m speaking generally, not about PDF Architect in particular.

Yes just did the microsoft “upgrade” from within win 7. (not clean install)
I notice that PDF architect 4 is out, will that rectify the problem?? or will a clean install of win 10 be needed.
The update of PDF Architect 3 that was issued after win 10 came out did absolutely nothing to fix the problem.

So now we are up for the added expense of re-purchasing PDF Arch 4.!!


after updating to Windows 10 you might need to use the PDF Architect 4 uninstall/modify entry from the windows control panel and select “repair” on the first step of the wizard.
This fixed the problems for most users.

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