PDF Architect

 Good morning,

downloading the latest version of Pdf Creator there was included Pdf Architect: it sounds very interesting, as it is said "PDFArchitect is the easy and fast way to edit to pdf files", so I tried to use it: I opened Pdf Architect, I opened the pdf file to edit, but I can't see the text and every function of the menu (FILE - EDIT - EXTRAS) is inactive... Nonetheless, if I try again to open a pdf file, I'm told that the file is already open. So I can't do anything with my pdf file.
??? can you help me? otherwise I will uninstall the program, if it doesn't work.
Thank you.



does this happen with every type of PDF you try to open/edit? Normally you should be able to see and edit the PDF (It sounds like it doesn´t load your PDF properly). Is it the version that came with PDFCreator 1.3.2?