PDF automatically creates an incorrect hyperlink

I have a document in Microsoft Publisher, and it contains a URL to a website. I have not created a hyperlink for this URL, it’s simply the URL in text.

When I convert this to a PDF, the PDF document now has a clickable link where the URL is, but the link doesn’t work because the URL in the background is spelled incorrectly!

How is this even possible when I have not created the hyperlink myself? It PDF creator has taken it upon itself to make the URL a clickable link, why is it spelled differently to what’s in the document?!

Hi Beth,

good question indeed, what is the text of the link?
I am not sure if the link is added by PDFCreator, or if this is done by the PDF viewer when it discovers a link in the PDF’s text.
I will try to reproduce this here.

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The text in the Publisher document is www. fitfortravel .nhs.uk but the PDF creates the hyperlink www. fifortravel .nhs.uk (with the “t” in fit missing)

PS - the spaces in the URLs above are only there because this site won’t let me post URLs


i just created a test document and PDFCreator didn’t include any link information, but most viewers automatically added a hyperlink. Can you try opening the PDF in a different viewer? Most likely it is a bug in the viewer.

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