PDF comes in wrong size

if i make a word document and print it to a printer and then make a pdf and print that to the printer there is a difference in the size

why is that? and can i fix it?


it could be this:

please correct me if I am wrong. Also check your printing settings for both applications (Word and your default PDF viewer).

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no that diden't work it's still smaller then if i print it for Word directly 

What are your settings for margins in word and your default pdf viewer?

pdf viewer is 25 mm all around and word it 25,4mm

but the difference is more than 0.4mm on each side i guess?

yep about a 1 cm but i just tried for fun to change it and it didn’t make any difference 

have you made any settings regarding the document size inside the PDFCreator options?

Which version of PDFCreator are you using?
Currently I don’t really have a clue why this is happening.

i am using the newest version of PDFCreator and haven’t made any changes to it

but here is the 2 files the word document and the PDF i get 

thank you, we will have a look at those and hopefully find out what is going on


i was able to print both documents with the same margins, only setting I changed was in Adobe Readers printing settings instead “fit” (which shrinks the document by 4%) use “actual size”.