PDF creator 0.9.3 install corrupted

Hey all,

Happy New Year! 

I love using PDF creator!

I've upgraded to V 0.9.8, but had to restore my computer.  

This reverted to V 0.9.3, leaving the install corrupted.  

Apparently the unins000.dat  file is incorrect.

How can I solve this issue?  Or can someone email me the V 0.9.3 file?

Thanks in advance, 

Oren, Israel.  



I had the same problem once before, and I kept some files in the case of a next time in a backup DVD.

I've just finished to put them in my forum at : http://www.hastursoft.com/outils/desinstaller-pdfcreator-facilement-t86.html

It's in French, but You can follow theses steps:

3.a  Looking for the Files* you need ( follow link + end of the list for the 0.9.3)
3.b  Copy the 2 files of the Zip in your C:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator Folder
3.c  Go to your C:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator Folder
3.d  Looking for the unins000.exe file
3.e  Run it to unsinstall the corresponding version of PDFCreator

*: Files (unins000.exe and unins000.dat) are the genuine/original files installed by PDFCreator of each corresponding version. I've just ZIPped them and record the MD5 and Sha1 fingerprints to certify that they are not corrupted (always possible in a downloading operation).

In the hope this will help you

Dear Hastur,

Thanks for your tip.

It worked very well, and now my beloved PDF creator is back in action.


Oren, Israel.