Pdf creator 0.9.8 on WXP PRO SP3 doesn't work

Hi All,

Pdfcreator seems to be properly installed, can be launched, asks for a place where to save the file and then does not create the pdf file. It simply stops running and disappears from Windows task manager.

I installed and reinstalled several times that doesn't solve the trouble.

Can anybody help me on that?

Many thanks!

I have exactly the same problem. It worked fine all the time, and the suddenly it stoped and doesnt create a pdf document at all.

Also tried reinstalling, etc...

I have the same problem. Creating PDF only works when "PDF Print monitor" is open.

No idea to fixe this issue ?

Hi Sicut,

Can you tell me if you have found the solution ? 

Because I have exactly the same problem.


PDF Creator 0.9.5

This problem arrives with login user and PDF creator works fine with login administrator.