PDF Creator 1.5 and Ghostscript

I would like to define a Ghostscript parameter within PDF Creator 1.5. I am using this PDF Creation software to print to PDF from a proprietary ERP system. When printing, the document is oriented to the left. I would like to move the document 12 pixels to the right. There is a spot within PDF Creator to define a ghostscript parameter, but I can't seem to get the syntax right.

The parameter I am looking to add is:

"-c "/PageOffset [12 0] setpagedevice" ^"

Note, I have been able to achieve this from the GS command line.

"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\gs\\gs9.18\\bin\\gswin32c.exe" ^
  -sDEVICE=pdfwrite ^
  -o c:/pdftest/AfterGSRealign.pdf ^
  -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress ^
  -c "<> setpagedevice" ^
  -f c:/pdftest/pdftest.pdf`