PDF Creator 1.7.2 hangs during install

On windows 7 we are currently deploying PDFCreator 1.7.2. As part of the install of 1.7.2, we remove the 1.6.0 version first, wait 20 seconds, and then the 1.7.2 install is ran. According to the setup log of 1.7.2 the install is hanging at installing a print driver. Suggestions? Might there be a process left over from the 1.6.0 uninstall that we need to kill prior to starting the 1.7.2 install?
 Monitorname : pdfcmon
 Environment : Windows NT x86
 Result: Success
Install printerdriver for Win2kXP2k3 (32bit):
 Drivername : PDFCreator
 Environment : Windows NT x86

We have no intention at this point of installing the latest/greatest (don’t have time to test and try to remove the adware, etc. that everyone else is having issues with).

Thank you

Sorry for the multiple posts.  The forums keeps giving me this error:

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Doesn’t actually tell me that it’s posted.


maybe rebooting between uninstalling 1.6.0 and installing 1.7.2 solves the problem.
I have spoken to our developers and it seems to be a yet unknown problem which might be impossible to solve without accessing your machine.
(The setup part where the offers are loaded is more or less the same in 1.7.2 and 1.7.3, keep in mind only people who are having issues post here. But I can also tell there weren’t any changes regarding this issue, so you might aswell use 1.7.2. We also do offer an ad free PDFCreator plus version since a few days ago.). 

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