Pdf Creator 2.5.1 - Printer repair issuse


We have installed on several clients pdf creator 2.1.1 and now we want to update this version to the new one.
We have a problem when we try to install this version on a client who doesn’t have pdf printer installed it anymore.
We receive a message error “No printers installed. You do not have any PDF Creator printers installed. Most likely there was a problem during the setup or the installation has been altered afterwards. Do you want to fix this by reinstalling the PDF Creator printers?” If we choose YES button , we received another message like this cannot be done and finish here.

We wanted to install the precedent version, 2.5 and we had the same problem.
Do you have any solving hints for this problem? What we should do?

Thank you!


There are a few solutions for this problem as it can have multiple reasons. You can find a few solutions here: No printers installed

Best regards

Hello Julian,

We already tried all of these solutions.
We use this application in a big company, enterprise level. We can’t update the old version with the new one with problem and then work step by step at all clients in order to repair the printers.
Do you think that we can find a solution for this? The new version to know how to repair the pdf printer?

Thank you,


Hi Amanda,

we have improved the PrinterHelper.exe (which is the component responsible for installing/updating/removing the printer) for PDFCreator 2.5.1 and the automatic printer repair works a lot better now. There will most likely be further improvements once we move to a package aware printer driver, but this still needs to get implemented.

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