PDF Creator 2.x and Transcom PDF-T Maker


Usually I print pdfs with the tool from Transcom PDF-T maker and
PDFCreator that I am  able to create PDF files from word with cross
Actually it is not possible to create pdf files over the usual way.
I updated PDF Creator to the newest version (

Settings in PDF-T Maker:
Standard Postscript Printer: PDFCreator
Standard Distiller: C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\PDFCreator.exe
Distiller Parameter: /IF{psfile} /OF{pdffile} /NoPSCheck /DeleteIF /OpenOF

After I print the word file with the parameters
above, a ps file will be created and deleted after the process is
finished. But there is no pdf file.

Does somebody have any suggestions how to solve that issue?


the current PDFCreator versions don’t have a distiller functionality, so you will need to stick to version 1.7.3 for now. We will consider re-adding this in a future release, as there seems to be more demand for processing .ps files than we originally thought.

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