PDF Creator 3.3.0 silent

We used PDF Creator for years in our company, but since version 3.3.0 it seems it is not possible anymore to distribute the free version of PDF Creator, since the silent switch is not working.

We tried to install it with the silent switch, but it results in the error
"PDFCreator doesn't support silent installations in Windows domains anymore! Please use PDFCreator Business. Find more information here: url”

Do we really need to buy a license in order to be able to install this application silent?

Because if that's the case we will stop using PDF Creator and switch to the Windows 10 built-in PDF application.

I also want to add, the PDF Creator MSI is available for download.
Why is this available for the public? Do you need a license in order to use the MSI or is it not necessary? And maybe only if you use certain features. Please elaborate.


yes, installing silently no longer works with the free edition since PDFCreator 3.2
The MSI (and all Plus/Business/TS/Server setups) require a license key to install, there just wasn't any reason to require a login for the download.

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Hi Robin,

I understand the change in rules and why there isn't a need for a login.
Thanks for your quick response.

Kind regards,
Dave van Andel