PDF Creator 3 - profiles

I created several profiles in PDFCreator 3 (with different item - file name, folder, metadata, security, etc.). When I printing a document, in opened window PDFCREATOR I change profile but no items are changed in this dialog window (file name, folder, metadata, etc.).

Any idea?



it will work, if you assign the profile to a printer, but not if you change the profile during the print job.

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Thanks for replay.

I found assigning the profile to a printer, but it is user friendly to change the profile during print job. Why is this option ever available changing profile (during print job)?

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changing the profile during the profile will work for other settings, but doesn’t overwrite the metadata values in the print job window, because we don’t know if these were edited before changing the profile or not. Perhaps it is possible to check this now with the GUI, we will check if we can improve the behavior.

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Thank you.

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