PDF Creator as a Network Printer not working

 I have the latest 1.3.1 installed on a windows 2003 r2 server. I setup auto save to a location that all users have access to. I shared the PDF creator on the server. I then connected to another workstation to the shared printer. However when I then print anything from that workstation to the shared network printer it does nothing. Nothing even show up in the log. User has rights to printer etc. Can anyone help? I even have an application that runs on  IIS on this server, and will useany local printer from that app. I connect to that app through IE, select docs to print, and print to PDF creator through that app. When I look at the server I can see the job come across to the print dialog box, but it never prints, or show in the PDF Creator que. Can anyone help me?

1) Make sure the PDF Creator print monitor is running and try it again


2) I suggest you look at the faq: www.pdfforge.org/content/installation-terminal-server


3) Finally, try version 1.2.3 - you can find it with an internet search.  This version worked for me on a Windows 2000 terminal server.