Pdf Creator Automatically Creates Directories Without Asking

Applies to PDF Creator Free v3.3.0 Build 2468

When the PDF Creator's Default Profile is in use and is configured to Save Interactive, PDF always remembers the last directory used to save a PDF. Unfortunately, if the remembered directory no longer exists (was renamed or deleted), PDF Creator goes ahead automatically creates the remembered directory without asking!

This is a very annoying bug and even dangerous as it causes extra directories to be created that the user has to later remove.

When in Save Interactive mode, PDF Creator should only create new directories if allowed by the user. If the remembered directory no longer exists, PDF creator should complain and ask the user to browse to a new location, not just create the old directory without permission!

Thanks for your feedback! I will forward your report to the development team.

I was just informed that PDFCreator will only create the directory, if you choose to save the file.