PDF creator default

Hey all need a bit of help

I love PDF creator to start with

I’m having an issue when trying to make a PDF with a bunch of different files I have selected it will pop up with the merge function and the counter will start to display as it builds up to 99 Is there a way to automate this ?

The other thing is some of the files start to come out of the actual printer even if I have not selected that printer in the windows print menu

The only option I have found is to change the default printer to PDF creator first before trying to make a PDF

Any help would be appreciated
Cheers chris

Hello Chris,

the best and safest way is if you use the COM interface. However, for this you need some programming knowledge, but then you could control the whole conversion process.
Some examples are included and can be found in the program directory "C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\Com Scripts". You can also find more information in the help.