PDF Creator does not print

I´ve been using PDF Creator for a long time and it´s worked perfect.
Today, the files stop being printed by PDF Creator , and I think there was a pop-up message saying something like there have been so many prints , I couldn´t read it as the window message dissaperared.

I purchased PDF Creator Plus just in case it may help.

I don´t know if there is a maximum number of file printed and if there is a way to reset this counter.

Thank you very much in advance for your help

Hello David,

there is no limit to the amount of files you can convert with PDFCreator, the counter is only there to display a notice every now and then about how many documents you have converted so far, but it shouldn’t cause PDFCreator to stop working. Do you have the latest version installed (2.4.1)?

Best regards,


Hello Robin

Thanks for your response.

I have upgrade it to PDF Creator Plus and i´m installing it in a new computer to have a 100% clear installation.

Now, i have face a new issue, and it is about the auto-save settings. Every time PDF Creator prints there is a pop-up asking for a folder to save it :frowning2:

I want to get the prints automatically stored in a certain folder.

Any idea of how to avoid this step ?



did you enable the automatic saving for the correct profile?

Do you have any additional actions configured in the profile settings?

If autmatic saving is enabled, you should’t get any dialog.

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