PDF Creator Email Notification Feature Request


PDF Creator is great.

I am using PDF Creator in Server Mode installed on Server 2012 Core and it works fine.

Sometimes when creating a large document or when several users are creating documents at the same time there can be a delay on the PDF appearing as its in the queue.

I would like know if PDF Creator could be extended in the following way.

When a PDF has been created, I would like to email the user to notify them its been completed and perhaps even provide a link.

I have tested using a Post-Processing script to call a batch that I have written using BLAT. but I need to pass the following parameters


Currently in the options the only available tokens are and

Would it be possible to add

so I can pass my script those parameters.



Then my script adds my domain name to the end of the author (username) and I can send the user the notification

Additionally forgot to mention that the in built “Send an email after auto saving” doesn’t work in Server 2012 Server and crashes with a Active X error

I’m also seeking the notification from pdfcreator. For the time being, I think you can let the pdfceator preserve the author in the outputfilename by using in autosave setting page.