PDF Creator font encodings?

 Hi All,

I have recently noticed that the on-screen look of documents generated by PDF Creator is different when compared to those generated by tools like Acrobat and the Microsoft "Save As PDF" plugin.

Take for example the following two files:

Both were generated from Word 2007 on a PC using the PDFCreator printer driver and the Adobe Acrobat printer driver respectively.

When these files are opened using Acrobat Reader, the Calibri font embedded in them displays slightly differently.  The PDFCreator version looks lighter and less crisp in comparison to the Adobe Acrobat version.

I'm wondering if someone understands why this is the case and whether something can be done to "crisp up" the PDFCreator generated file.

I did notice that the font encodings are different between the two PDF files linked above.  The Acrobat file includes the Calibri font as two subsets, encoded with Identity-H and ANSI.  the PDFCreator file contains the Calibri font as one subset, encoded as "Custom".





yes, there is a slight optical difference. If you zoom in on 800%, you can see, that the characters are slightly displaced when converted by PDFCreator (which uses Ghostscript). On my pc, the e's look a bit odd on 100% and such, but they are exactly the same.

I will do a research why Ghostscript does this. (and which converter is right ;-) )



Has any answer been found here? I'm having the same problem. The text in the pdf file created by PDFCreator is a bit lighter and a bit more fussy.

(It kind of reminds me of a Linux installation without the Microsoft Truetype Codeset installed...)