PDF Creator - font print issue

When using the application to print a document to PDF I consistently have issues printing the font OCM B, testing of the application has shown that it is capable of printing as TIF, JPEG, PNG. However and PDF format type comes up with blanks, squares or random characters.

What can be done to allow this font to be printed into a PDF document?

I’m currently running PDF Creator Plus v3.0.2 build 8658


one possible option would be to first convert it to an image format and then converting that image to PDF, but this would make the text on the PDF unsearchable. In the Font properties, does it show any restrictions?
Some fonts don’t allow embedding the font into PDF documents or require a specially licensed version of the font to do this.

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Having the text searchable within the PDF isn’t an issue in this instance and just needs to be on the document.

Is there an easy way to script PDF creator to convert files from TIFF to PDF once the file has been created?

If not what licence would be required to have this font created directly in PDF format?


you can do this with the free or any PDFCreator edition, by creating an additional virtual PDFCreator printer and profile.
In printer 1 use the following profile settings: enable automatic saving, set the output format to tiff and enable the print action. Point the print action at the second virtual PDFCreator printer.
For the second printer, you can use the profile settings you are currently using.
If everything is configured correctly, you can then simply print to the first printer and it will automatically convert to tiff in the first step and then send it to the second PDFCreator printer to convert it back to PDF.

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Thanks Robin, have been able to setup 2 printers and now have the application creating a TIFF document that feeds into a PDF print queue. All working now.

After further testing I have found that though we are now able to create the image, the image itself truncated meaning an important section has been removed from the bottom of the page.

Are there any settings to change this?

If not would you be able to advise the licence required for the OCR embedded font?


is the actual tiff already truncated or does this happen in the second step when the .tiff gets converted to PDF?
If the .tiff is still ok but the PDF is missing content, this can be most likely be fixed by using the “run script” action instead of the “print file” action.

A different approach to this would be possible by telling Ghostscript (this is what PDFCreator uses internally to convert the print data to PDF) to not output any fonts. This is a bit experimental though (I have never really tried it) and might produce very large PDF files. If you’d like to try, first close PDFCreator, then open regedit.exe and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\pdfforge\PDFCreator\Settings\ConversionProfiles\0\Ghostscript (where 0 is the default profile) and insert -dNoOutputFonts as value for “AdditionalGsParameters”.

Regarding the font license, most likely you will need to find the font’s owner / distributor and ask them for a licensed version of the font which allows embedding, or find a font with identical metrics and use that as substitution.

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The tiff images are created perfectly fine, it is when the PDF is created that it either cuts off the lower part of the image or if run manually it shrinks image and places it in landscape.

I’ve looked at running as script however can you advise what the script would be to print to a printer named PDF_Creator?

Font wise, we do have the licence for the font on the server however it is just at the point when PDF is created that the information is not displayed.