PDF Creator Locks Access Database

We have a shared access database.  However whenever anyone with PDF creator installed enters it, it locks access to that file to everyone except them.  the only way I have found to fix it is to uninstall PDF creator.  Any suggestions would be welcome

The best way to prevent problems with a shared database is to split the database and distribute a separate front end to the users while keeping the backend data in a central location.  This is a "best practice" in access and is not terribly difficult to achieve.

However, if this has already been done, then supposedly you mean that the backend database is getting locked.  In that case, barring another solution as to why PDFCreator is causing the problem, maybe you can setup the database to only connect to the backend when it needs to get data.

This is probably not what you want to hear - but at least it is something to consider.  Unless you can provide more information about the database in question and the configuration of the computers/network that is running the database.

 Does this happen even when PDFCreator is not the Default Printer?  It could be as simple as changing the default printer, either in Access or in the entire OS.