PDF Creator Mege job issue

Hi All,

I am trying to merge multiple pdf files and trying to send the merged file to my local printer to print it but the actual issue is not in merging the PDF files but to send it to the printer, whenever I am trying to print the merged file the PDFCreator application tab is getting opened instead of sending the file to the printer. For more information-
I am setting PDFcreator as default printer at first once the merge job is finished, i reset my local printer as a default printer and try to print the job but it always end up by opening the PDFCreator application tab.


why do you set PDFCreator as default printer in the first place?

Without knowing any details about your workflow, the most common way to merge+print would be to either use the “open document” setting to let PDFCreator open the merged document in your default viewer for manual printing or using the “print” action to automatically print any document created through the profile to a printer of your choice.

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