PDF Creator not in list of printers

Hi, I have used PDF Creator for many years, but suddenly it does not work on my home computer anymore. I have reinstalled the latest versions multiple times (both the full and the beta version). The software is installed successfully and I can start it from the desktop. However, pdf creator is not installed as a printer and I cannot use it from WORD or other software to convert documents into pdf.
The current version I have installed is 1.7.3 and I am running Windows 7.

update: after some further investigation it seems that the problem is caused by a corrupted user profile after the transfer to Windows 7.

I properly de-installed and re-installed the software. I succeeded to get PDF creator listed as a printer. But sending a print job got stuck in the printer queue. After restart of the computer I could proceed, but I got some error message about insufficient rights to save my output file.

We created a new user profile and under that user the problem does not exist.