PDF creator not printing all pages in a spreadsheet, but only for me

Hi All,

I'm using PDF creator to turn a two tab excel workbook into a PDF document.  It's been working fine for years.  I just ran into an issue though, on one of the tabs of the excel document, it only prints two pages of the 5.

The odd things are:

If someone else does it (from their laptop) it performs as expected.

If someone else signs on to my laptop as themsevles, it performs as expected.

When I use it, the documents are truncated. 

Has anyone else experienced something like this?

And as a follow up.  If I sign on to someone else's machine, I can create documents correctly - I'm thinkning it's a registry setting.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that did not correct the issue.  If it is a regisrty setting, does anyone have any idea which one(s)?



Got it fixed ~ thank you to all who gave me suggestions/replies.  :(

Could you post the fix here, please. I am having the same problem.