PDF Creator Plus Hot Folder

I ordered PDF Creator plus, however the hot folder functionality isn't working, I am trying to print multiple .xls files (via Libre Office).

Are there any troubleshooting steps I can take? And failing that what is the process to request a refund?

Some questions:

  1. Is libre office the default viewer for .xls files?
  2. Are you able to print files via right-click (on the file) -> print?
  3. Are files printable if you drag them into the PDFCreator folder?

If you wish to get a refund, just send us an email via https://support.pdfforge.org/contact (make sure to include your license key or order id)

  1. Yes

  2. Yes, I currently have the default printer set to the Microsoft PDF printer and it prints the xls fine.

  3. Dragging the XLS files dragged onto PDF Creator lead to this pop-up:

Kindly see what is in the log for the file: https://support.pdfforge.org/article/80-how-to-create-a-trace-log

We should be able to find out more about the issue in a trace log.

Log below:

2019-03-19 12:40:39.2859 [Debug] 11724-10 (MainWindowThread) pdfforge.PDFCreator.UI.Presentation.Assistants.FileConversionAssistant.HandleFileList: Launched Drag & Drop
2019-03-19 12:40:39.3509 [Trace] 11724-10 (MainWindowThread) pdfforge.PDFCreator.Core.Printing.Printing.PrintCommand..ctor: Checking PrintCommand for 'C:\Users\Tom\Desktop\impfizercertspdf\21-270219-01 2548023.xls'
2019-03-19 12:40:39.3509 [Trace] 11724-10 (MainWindowThread) pdfforge.PDFCreator.Core.Printing.Printing.PrintCommand..ctor: Unprintable: The file does not support print or printto!
2019-03-19 12:40:39.3509 [Error] 11724-10 (MainWindowThread) pdfforge.PDFCreator.Core.Printing.Printing.PrintFileHelperBase.AddFiles: The following file(s) could not be converted:C:\Users\Tom\Desktop\impfizercertspdf\21-270219-01 2548023.xls

2019-03-19 12:40:43.6374 [Debug] 11724-10 (MainWindowThread) pdfforge.PDFCreator.UI.Presentation.Assistants.FileConversionAssistant.PrintPrintableFiles: Saved Parameters into registry:
OriginalFilePath: C:\Users\Tom\Desktop\impfizercertspdf\21-270219-01 2548023.xls

@Florian is there anything in the log that might indicate the issue?


basically PDFCreator can't find any command in your registry to print the .xls file type.
Reinstalling LibreOffice might solve the issue. Otherwise it should be possible to add the proper command to your registry manually.
To do this, first you need to check the (Standard) value for Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.xls

In my case, this is Excel.Sheet.8, but for LibreOffice I assume it will be LibreOfiice.xls
Now check HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\LibreOffice.Xls\shell\printto\command

which should contain
"C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\scalc.exe" -pt "%2" "%1"

If it still doesn't work afterwards, please let us know and we will have another look at it.

Best regards