PDF Creator printer fail

Has anyone seen this before or have any insight?

I have a user with an HP Elitebook 8840p (just recieved this 2 weeks ago) running XP SP3 who mainly  uses PDF Creator to create PDFs of ACAD drawings. 

Today is the first time she tried to use PDF Creator and tells me that she cannot use it for anything (ACAD, Outlook, IE, Firefox, etc).  She prints the document, chooses PDFCreator as the printer and the program never creates the PDF.

During the printing process, I have the logging window open, but no events show up.  When printing from an application begins, I see the  PDFSPO~1.EXE process start, but I never see the PDFCREATOR.EXE process start.  There are no pop-up blockers installed on this system (already checked) but it seems like something is either not letting the PDFCREATOR.EXE process run or the process is never called in the first place.

I have uninstalled PDF Creator, made sure the registry is clean of all references to PDF Creator and PDFForge (unless I am missing something), and reinstalled the program.  The issue returns.  I have other 8440p laptops on docks and off of docks and they are displaying the same issue.

As a side note, the same programs (AntiVirus, Malware/Spyware, office suite, etc) were used on Dell laptops and PDF Creator works fine.  On the HPs we use, it does not work.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated and thank you in advance for your time.