PDF Creator printing blank pages

Hi there,
a customer of my program is having a problem with PDF Creator.
paper printer works fine but PDFCreator is printing the right number of blank pages at 600 dpi, at 300 dpi they have no problems.
They use Windows XP SP3 with Domain and PDFCreator version 1.7.3 and 2.0.0.
My computer and other customers do not have same problem, where can I look for a solution?
Thanks in advance.


please enable logging for the PDFCreator and send a log of a printjob which creates blank pages to support@pdfforge.org. To enable logging in the 2.0 version, go to the debug section of the application settings and set the logging level to “debug”. Now press clear log, get it to print empty pages and restart the PDFCreator. Afterwards you can copy the contents of the log into an email and send it to us.

best regards,