PDF Creator printing splotches

Hi all,

   I am automating some procedures here for printing PDF files.  I am calling PDF Creator from within a C# .NET program. My problem is that sometimes, seemingly at random, I’ll get a PDF with a big black splotch on it. I haven’t been able to verify 100% for sure that it is a PDF Creator issue, but I think it is.  My code had been running fine for a few weeks, printing a dozen or so PDFs every day with no problems, But now almost every day, it prints at least one pdf with a big black splotch somewhere on the sheet.  I’m suspicious it has something to do with the speed of the network drive where the pdfs are being saved, but I can’t prove it. Any ideas on troubleshooting this problem?  Or maybe an alternate method of doing this?

Here is a simplified version of my code.
public Boolean printToPDF(string idw, string outputFolder)
                    Inventor.ApprenticeServerDrawingDocument drgDoc;
                    drgDoc = (Inventor.ApprenticeServerDrawingDocument)oApprentice.Document;
                    drgDoc = (Inventor.ApprenticeServerDrawingDocument)oApprentice.Document;
                    Inventor.ApprenticeDrawingPrintManager pMgr;
                    pMgr = (Inventor.ApprenticeDrawingPrintManager)drgDoc.PrintManager;
                    pMgr.Printer = "PDFCreator";
                    int pageCount = 1;

    pMgr.SetSheetRange(pageCount, pageCount);
                    pMgr.PrintRange = PrintRangeEnum.kPrintSheetRange;
                    pMgr.ScaleMode = Inventor.PrintScaleModeEnum.kPrintBestFitScale;



have you turned on the logging in PDFCreator to see if the log contains any clus/error?
This can be done in the “Printer” menu of the “PDF Print Monitor”.
Have tried to reprint one of the spoiled files manually?

best regards

Hi Robin,

  Yes I have checked the log, no there is no error.  Also I have never been able to duplicate the problem manually, if I get a file printed automatically  with splotches, I can go and manually print the same file, with no problems.  

Do you print the file automatically with the inbuilt PDFCreator option, or do you use an action after saving?